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Passionate About Inspiring Others

“You don’t need eyes to see. You need a vision.”  


Kristin began using her guide dog, Zoe, in social media to breakdown barriers and illustrate that in many ways, her life was very normal. What wasn’t normal were the barriers society was placing around her and Zoe to do normal things such as hailing a taxi, going to a restaurant, or reading a newly published book on her phone.  

Kristin and Zoe pose for a picture. The ocean is being them at the bottom of a hill. Zoe has her tongue sticking out and Kristin is looking down at her smiling. Kristin's shirt is blowing in the wind and Zoe is leaning a bit sideways in harness.
Zoe leads Kristin on a boardwalk. The water is bright blue and the sun shines brightly on it.

Follow stories told from the perspective of a loyal guide dog who has led the way on an awesome journey graduating from the oldest guide dog school in the United States—The Seeing Eye—and then guiding her human to graduate from the oldest law school: Harvard Law School.


Zoe the Seeing Eye Dog leads Kristin Fleschner, her human, on many adventures in her work for our federal government guiding her to high stakes policy, diplomatic, and in the intel world around the world. 


Zoe the Seeing Eye Dog has amassed posts illustrating over 1,000+ pages of travel adventures, everyday barriers faced by the disabled community, and the relentless love and intelligence of an amazing yellow Labrador. The posts have been collected into a memoir that is moving towards publication. Last year the page raised $11,000 to support guide dog placement, and fielded about a hundred questions a month from parents, children, policymakers, and others about blindness.


Join #ZoesPack to learn about  blindness through the work of Kristin's guide dog, Zoe! 

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Support disability and inclusion by joining #ZoesPack and purchasing a bandana like Zoes's for your pet to wear!

Service Dog Law and Minimizing Fake Service Animals

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Support disability and inclusion by joining #ZoesPack and following Kristin & Zoe on social media!

Zoe and Kristin Working in NYC

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