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Recent events

Kristin stands in front of team USA sign at the Olympic Trainig Center in Colorado Sprigs. Zoe sits at her feet wearing a patriotic bandana

United Association of Blind Athletes Camp

Kristin attended the United Association of Blind Athletes Camp in Colorado Springs at the Olympic Training Center. This was a development camp to help blind and visually impaired athletes learn better bicycle racing skills. It was an incredible experience and she looks forward to talking about the importance of sports building community and advocate skills in the disabled community. She is planning to compete in the USA Para Cycling Road Nationals in Augusta, Georgia in June, 2018.

Accessibility and Entertainment

While 20% of the population has a disability, only 1.8% of television characters do. Even more discouraging to persons with a disability is knowing that 95% of actors portrayed as disabled are non-disabled actors. This misrepresentation is unacceptable. Kristin went to Los Angeles to learn about the entertainment industry and talk about how to make the industry more diverse and inclusive. Kristin had a great visit at 20th Century Fox talking about this issue, working to make our films and television shows look more like our world. She also visited an organization called Exceptional Minds that trains young adults on the autism spectrum to be visual effects designers. It is a nonprofit organization where individuals can apply and go through training.

Kristin stands in front of a 20th Century Fox sign. She holds coffee in one hand and Zoe's leash in the other, and Zoe sits by her feet wearing a leopard print bandana.
Kristin and a woman from Exceptioal Minds stand in front of an Exceptional Minds sign with Zoe sitting in between them.
Kristin stands behind the podium on stage, speaking at the graduation of Saint Mary-Of-The-Woods in Indina. Zoe lays next to the podium.


Kristin speaks at the St. Mary of the Woods Commencement ceremony and received an Honorary Doctorate. 

Social Media and Accessibility

Harvard Law School alumna, Kristin, joined the Women's Law Association to talk about how she uses her social media following to educate the public about blindness and disability rights. Through photographs and posts from Zoe's perspective, Kristin shared her experience as a blind person living and working for the US government and highlights some of the greater issues faced by visually impaired and disabled Americans today.  

Zoe and Kristin pose in a classroom at Harvard. Both are smiling!

Harvard Law 200 Year Anniversary

Kristin stopped by Harvard Law to visit with the professors and staff that taught her law, continue to mentor her, and ensured that her materials were accessible throughout my time there. She visited a banner in front of the law school library that honors the school's 200 year anniversary. They chose to honor her with a quote that she had once said, stating"You don't need eyes to see. You need a vision."

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