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In the midst of losing her vision while a student at Harvard Law School, Kristin produced a documentary called Blind Ambition. This film discusses her vision loss and accommodations at Harvard Law school, and the importance of diversity in the classroom and workplace. She is one of few blind film directors and has worked with Hollywood to increase the representation of persons with disabilities in media to decrease stereotypes and stigma.

Kristin shares how she adjusted to life in her changed world by learning new tools and ways of thinking. The film documents how Kristin reads material for class, trains and finishes a half-marathon, and navigates with a guide dog. Kristin also interviews professors, friends, other blind Harvard students who discuss the misconceptions of blindness.


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Kristin often uses the media to raise awareness about disability issues.

Kristin organized this interview with her colleague Charlie Kellett and deafblind friend from Harvard Law School, Haben Girma. 


Worry Less. Adventure More. Partners In Independence.

Worry Less. Adventure More. That’s our mantra. And, we are partners in independence.


Ever wondered what it is like to travel when you are blind? It’s really no different than traveling when you are sighted! Together, Kristin and I can travel the world. We are independent, or I like to say interdependent explorers. We are sharing only a few of the places we have visited for work and play, since we were matched three years ago. This video, shows that this is what blindness looks like. And, it isn't any different from what you and your friends look like. We live the lives that we want. And, nothing stops us.

Oftentimes, people will grab Kristin when we are trying to cross the street. It’s so unsafe. And she tells them we are fine. We are independent travelers. But, if I could talk I would tell them that we’ve crossed streets in Geneva, and Malta, and London, and Portland, and East Lansing, and Boston. And we do it alone and we are fine every day. And we do a lot more than cross streets!

We hope that you will help us share this video widely. In fact, we ask that you call your employer, your alma mater, your children’s school. Tell them about me and my video, and advocacy and ask them if they could take a moment to share my social media page and video and help break down the inaccurate stereotypes about blindness. That we are not dependent. That we are not different from your friends—we just do things differently! 

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